on Jul 31, 2007
There were flies in the restaurant. Lately it seems every restaurant I go is full of flies, arghhhh!

What I had:

  • Arrachera estilo Texas 250 grs.
  • Crepas de Cajeta cubiertas con helado y nuez

Hotel Rwanda

on Jul 30, 2007

Schindler's list in Rwanda.

Mr. Brooks

on Jul 29, 2007

What's the narrow sense heritability of serial killerhood?


I guess we are supposed to feel guilty about the plight of French immigrants.

My Fat Cat Jumping

on Jul 27, 2007
'Cuase no blog is complete unless you show your cat.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


I liked it in general, tough I'm still wondering how the Sorting Hat gave Neville the sword and how Moody's eye was able to penetrate the cloak of invisibility. I also would have enjoyed more the book if Snape hadn't relied merely his love for Lily to oppose Voldemort, maybe as a starting point, but not as the only reason.

My predictions for Harry Potter VII all came true:
  1. R.A.B turns out to be Sirius Black's brother
  2. Snape remains loyal to the Order of the Phoenix
  3. We see the Dursleys again
  4. Harry is the boy the prophesy refers to
  5. Hermione "hangs out" a lot with Ron Weasley
  6. Harry Potter himself is an Horcrux
  7. Someone important will die ;-)

Die Weiße Rose

on Jul 22, 2007

Das ist eine Scheisse Film!!! Zwei kilo Scheisse.

Le Samuraï


It should have been called "Le Ronin," the hitman had no boss!

Sirloin Stockade

on Jul 10, 2007
There were flies inside the restaurant!