The curious case of the money laundering billiard

on Jan 15, 2008
There's a billiard near my house, a real smoke-filled dive. Because of the maintenance conditions and the kind of costumer that frequents it, I suspected it served as a front for a money laundering operation. After years of careful observation, I finally have at my disposal a dataset on the timing of customer arrivals at the billiard.

A standard topic in Operations Research is the management of queues. The standard queuing models assume random arrivals according to a Poisson process with constant rate. Or equivalently, interarrival times are said to be independent and to follow an exponential distribution with mean 1/lambda.

It is easy to see that the time between arrivals is exponential distributed (each bar is half as tall as the one preceding it), with the exception of the last bar because of the closing time. For simplicity I will ignore this. Since the times between arrivals are exponentially distributed, the number of arrivals within a fixed period should follow a Poisson distribution.

I modeled the number of individuals arriving at the billiard as a Poisson distribution. The suitability of an exponential fit to the 39 customer intervarrivals can be demonstrated in many ways. For example, a  property of the exponential distribution is that its mean equals its standard deviation. These two statistics were found to be respectively 34 and 28 minutes. The slight difference is due to the fact that the billiard closes at 12:00AM (I'm too lazy to do a chi-square goodness of fit test).

Exact confidence intervals for the crude rate of arrival can be constructed using a simple formula (which since Google Docs doesn't have the chi-square function is unavailable online) that relates the chi-square and Poisson distributions.

Where LL and UL are lower and upper confidence limits respectively for the SMR, χ² ν,α is the (100*α)th chi-square centile with ν degrees of freedom, d is the number of observed deaths, e is the number of expected deaths, ni is the person-time for the ith study group stratum and Ri is the reference population rate for the ith stratum.

Once we have the confidence intervals it is easy to calculate the total number of customers that the billiard can expect, and with some simple assumptions about the rental rate and the total profits of the billiard, we can investigated the money laundering hypothesis further, which I shall do in another post.

† I changed some of the data, cause you know, I don't want to wake up headless and with burns marks all over my body.
‡ This post, of course, is meant as a joke

Calculating Poisson confidence Intervals in Excel [PDF]

Best of 2007

on Jan 1, 2008
I hope 2008 is your best year yet, filled with good books, good music and wonderful times. During the holiday season it's almost too easy to get caught up in all the ballyhoo...

The travel, shopping, traffic, and social events, and before you know it 2007 is already over. So let's remember what was best about the year that was. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Overtreated. The author suggests that Americans consume too many medical services. And as the RAND healthcare experiment showed, this is likely true. The marginal product of medicine is as likely to kill you as to heal you.

Bayesian Computation with R. Finally! An accessible book about Bayesian models that uses R and Winbugs

The Stuff of Thought. How our words relate to thoughts, plus it has lots of swearing!

Farewell to Alms suggests that the Industrial Revolution was the result of widespread improvements in human capital characteristics we associate with economic success - conscientiousness, abstention from violence, future time preference... The author argues the cause of this improvement was that the rich reproduced more successfully than the poor.

Bit Literacy. How to manage e-mail, todos, photos, a media diet, and other sources of information.

Maserati GranTurismo

Best Movies
After the Wedding - I found it touching, I really did
Hot Fuzz - Funny comedy by the director of Shaun of the Dead
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - It's French and makes me look cultured
Transformers - Wooooooooooooow!
Enchanted - I liked the dancing, so sue me.

Best Album
I mean really, who else?

Best Video
Mademoiselle Juliette (Director's Cut)

Best Death
Benazir Bhutto, those crazy Muslims sure are thorough, if the rifleman doesn't get you the suicide bomb sure will.

Best Knockout
Cro Cop vs Gonzaga

Best Websites
another one.

Most Memorable Moment
When Britney shaved her head, lol. I just can't think of one.