Palabras que aparecen frecuentemente en las descripciones de mujeres

on Jul 28, 2008

La gráfica es de las 150 palabras más comunes que aparecen en las descripciones de 3313 mujeres de 18 a 25 años que viven en la Ciudad de México y desean conocer hombres en un sitio web popular en México. La gráfica fue hecha con

Implicit Association Test for Presidential Candidates

on Jul 22, 2008
Who do I unconsciously want to vote for? The Implicit Association Test was designed to uncover your implicit, less conscious preferences. It shows you pictures of Obama, The One Who Must Not Be Named and McCain, which you are then asked to match with positive or negative words. The better you are able to match positive words with a candidate, the more likely that you are biased in favor of that candidate

Woohoo! it matches my stated preferences.

Fake being a wine snob

on Jul 16, 2008
This is so true. Wine drinkers are such snobs. I wish I could fake it good enough to get paid for it instead of just winning bottle foil cutters at wine tastings for saying stuff like "the dry woody finish of the wine indicates it was stored in oak barrels..."

An iPhone contract is $1261 dollars more expensive in Mexico!

on Jul 8, 2008

*The AT&T version includes a 5 dollar per month 200 SMS plan **All phone prices are for the 8GB version The Telcel versions of the iPhone include mediocre data plans restricted to a few MBs which you'll use up once you access Google Maps a couple of times ($40.96 MXN for each extra megabyte once you go over the monthly limit). For example watching this video would cost you $409.60 once you'd gone over your monthly limit. Telcel even recommends you buy an unlimited data plan. For a similar AT&T plan the iPhone is 1,261 dollars more expensive in Mexico. No wonder Carlos Slim is the world's richest man. Update: I included Plan IV which includes unlimited data transfers. The price difference is negligible. Update II: Because of the exchange rate the price difference changes with time and now and iPhone contract is $1359 more expensive in Mexico.

The Birds

on Jul 6, 2008
Adult male and female Robins dive bombing my fat cat