Google Trends and the Flu

on Apr 27, 2009
Searches for "influenza" (blue) and "gripa" (red) in the Distrito Federal (Mexico City). The uptick since March 22 in influenza searches was not statistically significant. Funny how the news volume went way up in last days of April ;)
(the first flu case in Mexico surfaced March 17)
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El Parque de Aqua

on Apr 18, 2009
South Park should do an episode on the drug war, I can only dream

How Religious is Mexico?

Wow, I didn't expect Mexicans to be so religious, I don't think any of my friends go to mass more than once a month. The data came from the World Values Survey and the graphs were made with Verifiable which makes much prettier stacked bar charts than Excel (last two charts).

I always thought a higher percentage of people in the States attended church at least once a week than in Mexico, guess I was wrong.

Sentence of the Day

on Apr 17, 2009
Karatani’s answer to Marx’s lacunae on the state in Capital is to read his methodology transcritically, as a pronounced parallax of constant transposition in which the principle of association undoes the unholy trinity of capital, nation, and state