Myths about Ciudad Juarez

on Aug 18, 2010
Last year there were over 2,600 murders in Ciudad Juarez, and if the more than 1,800 murders so far this year are any indications, there will be even more murders in 2010. Ciudad Juarez is a scary place, but it wasn't always that way...

I learned from Noel Maurer's Blog that Ciudad Juarez used to have a low murder rate before 1993, but it rose steeply after the local leader of the Juarez Cartel, Aguilar Guajardo, died, and Amado Carillo replaced him. After Amado Carrillo had firmly established himself thing calmed down somewhat, but by then the violence had switched to a new equilibrium. But anyways, go read Noel Maurer's take on it

    Hacking the CISEN homicide data

    on Aug 4, 2010
    The director of the CISEN, the Mexican agency in charge of generating intelligence to safeguard Mexico's security, said in a presentation yesterday that the number of homicides linked to the drug war was a little over 28,000 since the start of the Calderon administration.

    Guillermo Valdés didn't provide the raw data so I used Engauge to digitize the slide with the homicide data from the presentation: