Strengths and weaknesses of crime data in Mexico

on Feb 10, 2011
With so much data pertaining to the drug war released recently it's hard to keep track of it all. And as with all things in life there are different pros and cons associated with each of the datasets: The homicide data from the police (SNSP), the homicide data from the vital statistics (INEGI), and the different estimates of drug war related deaths from Reforma, Milenio, and the database of homicides presumed to have been committed by organized crime.

The most violent metropolitan areas in Mexico

on Feb 9, 2011
I'm surprised at how much violence has increased in Mexicali and how at odds it is with the drug-related homicide data.

Year Drug-Related Homicides Total Homicides
2007 21 64
2008 39 106
2009 69 213

Maps of drug-related homicides

on Feb 4, 2011
Just by looking at the map it is obvious that the drug war is a dispute over the drug traficking routes to the United States; Mexico's drug-producing regions of the  "Golden Triangle" and "Tierra Caliente," where lots of meth labs are located and opium poppies and mariguana is grown; the ports where cocaine and the precursors for producing methanpetimes arrive; and the routes to the airports in Cuernavaca and Mexico City (though maybe in Mexico City the local drug market is big enough to be important).