Mexico's most violent cities in 2011

on Nov 26, 2012
Note the log scale and that data are incomplete
The INEGI finally released homicide data at the municipality level, analyzing it by state turned out very similar results to the preliminary data released back in August, so I won't repeat the state level charts I did back then, instead I will focus on the trends in violence at the metro area or big municipality level since both Tijuana and Ciudad Juárez had big declines in homicides though they are still very violent and Monterrey, Acapulco and Veracruz saw big increases.

Mexico's most dangerous cities for women

on Nov 20, 2012
Before the drug war the metro area of Toluca was by far the most violent city in Mexico for females and not Ciudad Juarez as commonly believed, in fact, when cities are ranked by their age-adjusted homicide rates from 1990 to 2006 (right before the drug war started) Juárez was not much more violent than Mexico City (Valle de México in the chart).