Maps of Mexico City

on Apr 9, 2013

Just some maps of the Mexico City metro area based on the 2010 census. You can search by address and switch to satellite view. If the maps seem slow I suggest you use chrome.
To calculate the margination index I used the first principal component of the percentage of the population with at least one year of college, households with a dirt floor, households without electricity, etc
When it comes to attracting young women to their neighborhoods the mirrreys beat the hipsters hands down (though the suburbs are probably not the best place to actually meet women). 
I also wonder what's up with all the non religious persons in La Condesa and Roma Norte. The UNAM I can understand, I'm guessing I didn't get the memo on the hipster heresy.
There's also a negative relationship between car ownership and population density, though obviously a lot more variables are involved. The rich areas and the outer ring surrounding the urban center are low in population density, while the poor mostly live in high population density areas.

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Juan Carlos Reyes Ochoa said...

Interesantisimo blog!

iCodeiExist said...

Just one question if you don't mind me asking : what tools did you use to create those beautiful maps?

Diego Valle-Jones said...

The map is all leaflet.js and the data cleaning was done with R

Lauho LAM said...

Thank you for your wonderful work!
I just want to confirm the unit of population density because it appears in "people/degree2" on my window...

Diego Valle-Jones said...

Lauho LAM, Yes, the unit of measure is the degree

Armando Roman said...

Excellent work. You use GIS, right? And what are the other sources of information? I would like to quote some of your maps for research. And I also want to ask for your permission. I really enjoy your website and would like to suggest new maps for you or maybe I can help making them. This is my blog:

Diego Valle-Jones said...

Hi Armando,

The data comes from the INEGI. Feel free to use my website for whatever use you need since it is available under a Creative Commons Attribution License

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