Interactive map of the drug war in Mexico - 2011

on Jan 22, 2013
I've updated the interactive map I made last year to include the 2011 homicide data the INEGI recently released. Because of bad publicity the government will no longer update the drug war-related homicide database, so that dataset will forever remain stuck in September 2011.

Mapa interactivo de la guerra contra el narcotráfico - 2011


Bueno, pues he actualizado el mapa interactivo de la guerra contra el narcotráfico para incluir los datos de muertes por homicidio en el 2011 que acaba de publicar el INEGI. Al parecer el gobierno ya no va a actualizar los homicidios debido al crimen organizado (también llamados de presunta rivalidad delincuencial) pero el mapa los sigue mostrando.

Map of homicides in Monterrey

on Jan 15, 2013
Click on the image to visit the map

This a somewhat cleaned up 2d density map of homicides in Monterrey as reported by El Norte during all of 2012. Do take note that the map is of homicide locations rather than counts and that I removed a couple of non-homicide events that were present in the original data.