Posted on Tue 08 July 2008

An iPhone contract is $1261 dollars more expensive in Mexico!

*The AT&T version includes a 5 dollar per month 200 SMS plan **All phone prices are for the 8GB version The Telcel versions of the iPhone include mediocre data plans restricted to a few MBs which you’ll use up once you access Google Maps a couple of times ($40.96 MXN for each extra megabyte once you go over the monthly limit). For example watching this video would cost you $409.60 once you’d gone over your monthly limit. Telcel even recommends you buy an unlimited data plan. For a similar AT&T plan the iPhone is 1,261 dollars more expensive in Mexico. No wonder Carlos Slim is the world’s richest man. Update: I included Plan IV which includes unlimited data transfers. The price difference is negligible. Update II: Because of the exchange rate the price difference changes with time and now and iPhone contract is $1359 more expensive in Mexico.

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