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The most partisan first names

names by party registration

I downloaded data from the Instituto Nacional Electoral to find out which names are the most overrepresented among the three main political parties in Mexico (PRI, PAN, and PRD). As was to be expected names are markers of class, income, religion, and geographical regions there are some major differences in which names the members of each political party bear.

Visualising Change in Presidential Votes

Click on the image to visit the interactive version (Spanish)

I liked this visualization by the New York Times of the US presidential election so much I decided to recreate it using Mexican data, and in the process added a slope graph. So go visit my new visualization of the change in presidential vote from 2006 to 2012 at the municipality level. I recommend using chrome to view the visualisation, there’s also a Spanish version.

Download electoral shapefiles of Mexico (secciones, distritos, and colonias)

Mexican Presidential Election by District

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