Mexican Presidential Election by District

on Feb 11, 2013
Check out the interactive map I made of the results of the presidential election in Mexico. I even used hierarchical clustering to group Mexico into five clusters according to how people vote (obviously the clusters are very rough and subject to statistical error).

These are the median values for the percentage of the vote for each party in the clusters:

Interpretation Cluster PRD PAN PRI
PRI 1 0.27 0.20 0.46
PRI-PAN 2 0.23 0.34 0.38
PRI-PRD 3 0.40 0.16 0.37
PRD 4 0.54 0.15 0.27
PAN 5 0.22 0.48 0.26

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iCodeiExist said...

Very interesting ... and sad for Mexican history. Anyway, thanks for sharing it.

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