Posted on Thu 14 May 2009

Human influenza A(H1N1) deaths by education and hospital

Most people who died from influenza had very little education, but then most people in Mexico have very little education, according to the OECD the educational attainment for all of Mexico is not much different (considering the small sample sizes) from the people 58 people who had died when I did the analysis.
Tertiary education(~university) 15.00%
Upper secondary education(grades 10-12) 7.00%
Lower secondary education(grades 7-9) 30.00%
Pre-primary and primary education 48.00%
Source: Education at a Glance 2008

Education Percentage of Deaths
University 10.50%
Grades 10-12 19.30%
Grades 7-9 19.30%
Grade School 43.90%
None 7.00%

Very few people died in private hospitals, but I don’t have data on the total number of people who attend private hospitals in Mexico, so I can’t really know if they are less risky. It would be interesting to find out considering that extra healthcare in the third world doesn’t seem to help…

Google Spreadsheet with the data

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