Posted on Mon 11 June 2012

Poll of polls - June 11

I now use the weekly average of the GEA-ISA daily tracking poll and I’ve added the Indemerc pollinf firm and some polls from Buendía y Laredo that were missing from ADN Político‘s poll of polls. None of the polls were conducted after the presidential debate. A chart including those who did not answer is provided after the jump

The polling firms taken into account for the first chart:
  1. El Sol de México-Parametría   
  2. El Universal-Buendía y Laredo
  3. SDP Noticias-Covarrubias      
  4. Excélsior-Ulises Beltrán    
  5. Grupo Fórmula-Con Estadística 
  6. Consulta Mitofsky           
  7. Grupo Reforma                 
  8. UNO TV-María de las Heras   
  9. Ipsos-Bimsa                   
  10. Indemerc                    
  11. GEA-ISA (trimestral)          
  12. Milenio-GEA ISA  

Note that not all pollster release gross voting intention
The pollig firms which report estimates including voters who didn’t answer the survey
  1. El Sol de México-Parametría 
  2. El Universal-Buendía y Laredo
  3. SDP Noticias-Covarrubias 
  4. Grupo Fórmula-Con Estadística
  5. Consulta Mitofsky 
  6. Grupo Reforma
  7. Ipsos-Bimsa 
  8. Milenio-GEA ISA

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