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Maps of the 2015 Mexican Election

Interactive Map of the 2015 Election

Mexico to be ruled by the PRI for the next three years

Poll of polls including the ‘quick count’


Check out the interactive poll of polls I made.

P.S. There is a poll ban starting tomorrow so I’ll restrict access to the interactive chart to people outside Mexico.

Final poll of polls

On Sunday, July 1, 2012 Mexican voters will go to the polls and elect a new president. In Mexico whichever candidate wins a simple plurality of the national vote is elected. Before the election of Vicente Fox of the PAN in 2000 Mexico had been ruled by a single party (the PRI) for over 70 years.

Campaign Effects

Debate Effects

Poll of polls - June 20

Poll of polls - June 11

I now use the weekly average of the GEA-ISA daily tracking poll and I’ve added the Indemerc pollinf firm and some polls from Buendía y Laredo that were missing from ADN Político‘s poll of polls. None of the polls were conducted after the presidential debate. A chart including those who did not answer is provided after the jump

Poll of polls - June 4

With the presidential election less than a month away and Noel Maurer baiting me into analyzing it, now is good time to start tracking vote intentions. But we have to keep in mind that since the 2006 election was won by .58 percentage points and before 2000 Mexico was ruled for 70 years by the PRI we really don’t have much data to go on. And most importantly, I don’t follow politics closely, if it wasn’t for a couple of big revelations shown during the debate I would have no idea there is a guy called Quadri running for president.

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