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Maps of the 2015 Mexican Election

Interactive Map of the 2015 Election

According to official estimates (pending TRIFE approval) from the National Electoral Institute, the alliance led by President’s Peña Nieto party is set to retain its majority in the lower house of congress. However; a larger number of congressmen will belong to smaller parties. The Green Party, in alliance with the PRI, was projected to win 45 seats and a new leftist party, MORENA, founded by former Mexico City mayor and perennial presidential runner-up Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, was projected to win 35 seats.

One thing that characterizes the smaller parties is their geographical clustering. My interactive map and charts should clarify the spatial patterns. All votes were computed using the coalition formula described in Art. 12, inciso 2; Art. 311 inciso c) of the LEGIPE

The PRI doesn’t have much support among residents of the Distrito Federal and some other urban areas.

Map of the most evil party to have ever existed

And here is an equal area cartogram (where the area equals the population) of the PRI vote in the 300 electoral districts.

Equal area cartogram of the most evil party to have ever existed

The PAN has always been very strong in the Bajio, though it has lost lots of votes since Calderón was elected president.

Map of incompetents who don't know how to rule

Equal area cartogram of incompetents who don't know how to rule

The PRD has very little support in northern Mexico.

Map of chairos

Equal area cartogram of chairos

Former PRD presidential candidate AMLO left to found his own party, MORENA, and split the left-wing vote. He has a lot of support in the Federal District where he used to be mayor and seems to have more support than the PRD in northern Mexico.

Map of the true chairos

Equal area cartogram of the true chairos


Map of the cgairo vs chairos

Corrupt to its core, the Green Party is strong in Chiapas.

Map of the PRI satellite

Equal area cartogram of PRI satellite

Movimiento Ciudadano was the party with the most votes in the state of Jalisco.

Map of the Movimiento Ciudadano

Equal area cartogram of Movimiento Ciudadano

Nueva Alianza (PANAL)

Map of Nueva Alianza

Equal area cartogram of Nueva Alianza

Partido Encuentro Social (PS) - A sort of conservative party rumored to have ties with the Secretaría de Gobernación, not surprisingly it captured its largest share of the vote in Hidalgo

Map of Partido Encuentro Social

Equal area cartogram of Partido Encuentro Social

An Independent candidate won a federal electoral district for the first time ever

Equal area hexbin of Independent votes

Equal area cartogram of Independent votes

With only 3132 more votes the PT would have reached the threshold of 3% of the effective vote to remain a registered party, but thanks to massive fraud it failed. This comes as no surprise in a country where imperialist lackey, western interloper, and former presidential candidate Gabriel Quadri advocates the bombing of the peaceful and happy people of Korea.

Map of the PT

Equal area cartogram of the PT

The Partido Humanista also didn’t reach the threshold to maintain its registration.

Map of the PT

Equal area cartogram of the PT

There was a campaign to promote the null vote, but it was actually lower than in other years.

Map of Null Vote

Winner by party or coalition.

Equal area cartogram of the winning party or coalition in each district

Winner by party (showing the party with the most votes where a coalition won)

Equal area cartogram of winning party by district

P.S. The code is available from GitHub
P.P.S. Seriously, check out the interactive map

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