Homicides along the United States–Mexico border

on Sep 4, 2012
The drug war in Mexico has increased the homicide rate in several parts of the country, but one of the most affected regions has been those areas near the U.S. border.
Sources: CDC / INEGI. For Mexican municipalities the distance to the border was measured from the main locality of each municipality, for US counties the distance to the border was measured from the centroid.
Violence has generally stayed on the Mexican side of the border. The trend in homicides for all U.S. counties at least 160 km from the Mexican border has been downward since the drug war started.
Sources: CDC / INEGI
Keep in mind that violence in Mexican municipalities at least 160km from the border was lower in 2006, when the drug war started, than in 1999.

P.S. When referring to homicides in the US I included those deaths that were the result of legal interventions since in Mexico police/military interventions are usually counted as homicides.

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Eduardo Flores said...

Diego, quick question, I remember seeing somewhere in your website a link to the dataset of distance from mexican municipality to the border, but I misplaced it. Where can I find it? Thanks!

Diego Valle-Jones said...

Eduardo, that dataset is available from the project page (Ctrl-F distance to the US border). Keep in mind that it is geodesic distance an is thus only suitable for municipalities near the border.

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