Posted on Mon 10 November 2014 - Crime information for the Distrito Federal

Crime information for the Federal District now has its own website with updated data - English version - Spanish version

I’ve also added a trends section where you can look up which cuadrantes experienced a rise in crime
There seems to a be big problem with car robberies near where the new airport will be built

Since the crime data comes from FOIA requests to the SSPDF (Mexico City Police), I’ve added free email announcements to keep you informed of when new data is available:

Notifications in English
Notifications in Spanish

There’s even an API with lots of cools stuff:

Point in PolygonGiven a longitude and latitude return the corresponding cuadrante and sector

Time SeriesCrime counts ordered by month of occurrence for a cuadrante or sector

List Cuadrantes or SectoresSum of crimes that occurred in a cuadrante or sector for a specified period of time

Top Most ViolentA list of the cuadrantes and sectors with the highest rates (sectores), crime counts (cuadrantes) or change in crime counts (cuadrantes)

DF dataA time series of the sum of all crimes that occurred in the Federal District

EnumerateGet a list of the names of all cuadrantes, sectores or crimes

P.S. Yes, I know the Spanish translation is not complete, but I’ll finish it someday
P.P.S. The code is available at GitHub. It was built with Python + Flask + PostgreSQL + PotsGIS + Redis + D3 and an unholy combination of jQuery and AngularJS

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