Posted on Mon 24 August 2015

Up-to-date Crime Information

Hexbin of Mexico Crime Rates

Each month the Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Pública publishes crime information on its website. The crimenmexico website downloads, processes the data, and presents it in an easy to interpret format. Even better, there’s also a Spanich version at Besides the really cool interactive hexbin map on the homepage you can:

View a time series of crimes by state

Crime by State

View an interactive map that lets you filter by homicide rate

Municipio map

View a time series of crimes in the most important municipios of Mexico

Crime by municipio

Detect municipios with an unusual number of crimes

Crime anomalies

View infographics



I plan to update the data each month, hopefully the SNSP won’t change the download format anymore.

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